Monday, 2 November 2009

trying to get the right colors

Ok I'm trying to give him that poor guy look we were talking about during the crit.
But still I'm not sure about these colors


  1. Evening Gabriele! Your villain's colours are really beginning to convince (though I wonder if the purple could deepen a little more?). You're right though - your hero's look isn't quite there, as now he looks more 'Victorian street urchin - Oliver Twist-style' than 'magician' - and I think it's important that he shouts 'magician' as soon as you look at him. I know it seems counter-intuitive, but perhaps you might try simply putting him in a black suit - super traditional - but give the inside lining of his jacket a flash of colour, and also the scarfe, and actually add a few vivid coloured patches to the trousers? Try the black top hat route - I think it's going to work more immediately (i love his expression though...)

  2. I'm not an expert but I think brown hairs it's better than blonde ones. Or, if you like, looking at the original b/w drawings I had the feeling of a brown haired guy.

  3. Hi Gabriele,
    I think the colour isnt working here. not for the character. Darker hair seems more appropriate. I agree with Phil here - just needs a dash of theatricality - handkerchiefs, flowers etc, so he feels more like a performer. Since he is a slightly bumbling magician, you may also want to have some of his tricks showing, so not-so-hidden props poking out of the costume, odd bulges etc. Great stuff though. You villain is coming on very strongly. I would also like to see any designs for the wand as well, since its an important part of the story.