Monday, 19 October 2009

polishing characters

Ok so, I took two of the 3 characters and I tryied to polish them and think about some expressions. How do they look?
Any suggestion for the villain's suit? Colors? ( btw I tried the usual colors used for bad guys and villains like black and red but I think they won't work )


  1. Evening Gabriele,

    There's something rather cockroach-like about your villain... so maybe there's some colour inspiration there; purple is always a good colour for a malcontent; as he's a magician, I think he should have some burlesque undertones - some spoiled finery - moth-eaten velvet; take a look at Tim Burton's Sweeny Todd perhaps - the Sacha Baron Cohen character springs to mind, though he was more foolish and foppish than villainous...

  2. Hi Gabriele,
    I think the villain is coming on very nicely. As to colour pallet, I agree with Phil - Purples, crimson, ochre, brown, black of course, olive green - think moulin rouge only dirtier. You may also want to look at some early silent movie villains - especially for their gestures and melodramatic poses. Perhaps for something a little more sinister, he could be a hypnotist/mesmerist rather than a straight magician - keeps him a little more distinct in costume, than the hero. Anyway great stuff.